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The Day After

I watched election returns last night from 5 PM Pacific time until President Obama spoke on his win. Disappointed and sad would best describe my feelings.

Today I ponder…what went wrong, why did Romney lose? Even more so I wonder why did over half the voters choose a man who is devoted to government dependence. Is it really true that a majority of voters just want a handout?

I’m feeling really old and out of touch. My values don’t seem to be the values of a majority of voters. I get my news from online newspapers, news analysts and TV news programs, not from Comedy Central and Jon Stewart. I read biographies and autobiographies of politicians and review political platforms and make a decision. I can laugh at political idiocy but I don’t permit a comedian to guide my vote.

President Obama certainly has a way with words and can deliver a soaring and inspiring speech. But as an old Native American proverb says…”Watch the feet, not the mouth.”

OK. I’m going on a political hiatus. I have baby things to crochet and soup to cook. Political junkie therapy is what I need.


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