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On Vacation

Wow! No doctor or treatment appointments for a week! Yippee …we are on vacation! Over the last several months we have been going to the clinic in Carlsbad twice a week at least. That’s a 140 mile round trip. Gets pretty tiring after a few weeks. Your whole life is centered around travel, eating, preparing for treatment…on and on. When we are home we just want to relax and watch TV. Nothing much was getting done.

It’s amazing what this change in schedule has done for my attitude. I’ve started walking just about every day. I’m actually cleaning out a few dust bunnies. I took the deadheads off the flowers and I may even sweep the patio. Yikes! Who knows what else I may accomplish :)

It also helps  my attitude to get a very sweet Valentine. (Yes, the magic continues!)  Jim went out for groceries yesterday and brought home a lovely little vase of roses (it only takes one rose to make a woman happy)  and a box of See’s chocolates. Oh My…the lovely scent of See’s! I’m still smiling :) …and I’m even writing!

A Little Bit of Love


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  1. Laura Weise says:

    Lucky Lady! I think of you every time I see the See’s display at the mall….I miss chocolate!

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