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How It All Started

I think we were bit by the RV Bug in the mid 70’s when we rented our first RV…a 23′ Itasca Class A. Funky orange carpet with a dinette in the rear that made into a king size bed. We took a short trip from our Lindenhurst home up to the Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo and Kettle Moraine Park. We had a fantastic time with the teenagers and visiting our friends, Jo and Art Zersen. Since then we’ve owned and traveled several thousand miles in a pop-up camper and rented several motorhomes. Always had the dream. Some day we’ll own a motorhome and see all 50 states.
In 2000-2001 we did a lot of serious motorhome shopping and when we visited one of our large local dealers we hooked up with “Big Bill”…a supersalesman who lived in his own coach in Newport Beach. As he was trying to reel us in he asked how old we were and when we said “60ish” he said, “What the hell are you waiting for?” That question rang in my ears!! What were we waiting for? There would never be a perfect time.
And then my friend, Mary, contracted lung cancer. She was exactly my age and we had shared many dreams and goals. Now hers had a time limit. So what was I waiting for? In the spring of 2001 we started our search and finally purchased our 32′ Aerbus in July, 2001. We took several long weekend trips and a couple of 3 week trips to see how we got along living with our 2 bassets in 320 sq. ft. of living space…a far cry from 2200 in our house! We did fine…had a ball. We started thinking about where we would put all our “stuff” and how much stuff could we fit into the motorhome.
One Sunday in April of of 2003, while having our ritual drink on the patio, we looked at each other and said, “What are we waiting for? Let’s quite talking about fulltiming and just do it.” That’s when the dream became reality. Within 2 months we sold the house, I wound down my business and took early retirement, we got rid of LOTS of stuff and moved into the motorhome. July 4th of 2003 was our freedom day!


2 Responses to How It All Started

  1. #1 Daughter says:

    I love being able to read about the fulfillment of your dream. It gives the rest us hope for our own futures and the futures of our kids. Love and big hugs to you and Dad for being the supportive, caring parents that you are and have always been. From Renee

  2. Jerry Bowers says:

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