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We’re Walking

Several days ago something clicked in my brain. Maybe it was reading about daughter Laura’s “getting her act together” and riding her exercise bike. Maybe it was thinking about walking with my girls in a “Race for the Cure” in October. Whatever…we’re walking. Not long distances, just long blocks. But it takes time to build up some stamina.

Jim want’s to improve his balance and build up strength. I want to lose some more weight and be able to walk longer distances. We’ve committed to walking every day we are at home. Already we are feeling improvement. Here’s our street we head out on…

Our street

That tall palm down the street is right beside our motorhome. I found it is easier for me to wrap my mind around walking if I have a “mission”. Mail a letter, check the mail, take the trash to the bin…and then keep on walking. Silly. Why not just walk for the sake of being outside and enjoying the fresh air and the healthy benefits?

It’s always nice to walk by the pool complex and dream about it being warm enough to laze around in the water. Just a few more weeks and that will be reality.

Resort Living

When it’s finally warm enough we can “walk” in the pool :) But I think we just need to do this for 21 days…and then it will be a habit.



2 Responses to We’re Walking

  1. Lynda says:

    What a positive “step” to take! Your combined attitudes are winners!!

  2. Laura Weise says:

    Way to go Mom! I find when I start exercising regularly that my body craves it after a while, so that makes it easier to keep going. You just gotta get started…

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