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Sticky Books

I saved up all my Christmas and birthday Amazon gift cards and ..voila…I had enough to buy a Kindle Fire. Now I’ve owned a Kindle for a long time. I think this is my fourth version. Lucky family members get my hand-me-downs :)

My New Toy

I’ve collected dozens of free novels for my Kindle bookshelf which gives me a real sense of security. What if I’m stuck somewhere with nothing to read and I have to go looking for a cereal box!  Anyway, a lot of the freebies are just time fillers while waiting at doctor offices.  Maybe a good sexy romance or a twisty P.I. tale. Often these books are filled with editing errors that make me want to scream and write Amazon asking for an editing job.

But every now and then a story grabs me from the first page and sticks with me after the last one.  The one I just finished, Absence of Grace by Ann Warner, is just such a book. I love a story where the characters are well developed and the locales are described in detail. It’s not enough to tell how the characters look. I need to get inside their heads and hearts. I want to get lost in the towns and wander the streets and sit at the tables with them.

A sticky book has me mulling over the story the next few days and wishing I could follow the characters on into their next adventure or thinking about how they lived and comparing it to my life.  I love having my Kindle bookshelves full of choices and experiencing the joy of finding a sticky book at the tap of a finger.


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  1. Elaine says:

    Joan, I love this post…such great description and exactly how I feel! I always carry books or magazines in my car…just in case! But, lol, I had never thought I’d have to resort to a cereal box! Have you ever read “Cold Sassy Tree?” That is such a sticky book for me!

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