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Romantic Moments

Fifty four years ago today Jim and I had our second date. I was so impressed. Not in love yet but definitely on the way. He had to drive 50 miles to pick me up for our date and then…yes he chose to drive back to Chicago to take me out to special places. He brought me a corsage and a box of chocolates, probably Fannie May. We went out to dinner and then dancing at the Chevy Chase, a famous ballroom of the time. Oh and somewhere in there I got a dozen red roses.  Talk about romantic!

Over the years there have been many very special and romantic times but one that comes to mind is our dinner on a bateau mouche on the river Seine in Paris. These small boats cruise the river for tours and dinner. I remember going by Notre Dame and thinking I must be in heaven.

Me and my Valentine, November, 1985

Many dozens of roses, bottles of champagne, love cards, special songs, campfires, dinner out at a special place, romantic movies….sharing these special moments can make every day a Valentine’s Day.


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