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Funky Rig

This guy passed us a couple of times on I-90 as we headed from Billings, MT to Rapid City, SD. We met him at the rest stop in Buffalo, WY. J.R. and some helpers put together this rig in Florida. He says she hasn’t been home for three years and needs some maintenance.
The car is a 1927 Model T Ford and the fifth wheel was built from scratch on two truck axles. J.R. invited us in. He’s pretty short…so is the rig! There’s a bathroom at the rear, bed up front, kitchen counters, dinette, TV and cabinets run the sides. It’s all white and red inside. What a funky house!
He said he makes pretty good time on the flat roads. The fiver is named “Black Shirts” but I don’t know why and forgot to ask. He was headed to the Rapid area so maybe we’ll see him again.
We had a long day. I underestimated the miles and it wound up being 380 so we were driving almost 8 hours. It’s going to be hot here with wind and thundershowers. Typical SD summer. We are at Hart Ranch, our Coast to Coast Home Park. There are lots of activities going on here so we won’t be at a loss for something to do.
By the way, the coach started up fine today…no problems. I drove about 100 miles through Wyoming. It’s an up and down drive so our Banks Power got a work out. After we parked we had to do the bug scrub on the front of the coach. By that time I was too pooped to cook so we had beans, dogs and watermelon. Then settled down to watch the Angels beat the A’s 🙂


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